As with most inventions, the necessity for an effective solution was what brought our professional paths together. We shared the struggle of lacking a business insight deep enough to progress in a well informed manner. This challenge sparked off a passion to create a tool that will make a real difference to the ways people across the globe understand the evolving inside of their enterprises.

Rare combination of our 10-year long practical experience and intimate knowledge of both web hosting and eCommerce laid the basis to MetricsCube – a system designed to plug the information gap by producing flexible reports from the most widely known web applications. Though simple in premise, MetricsCube becomes indispensable for companies of all sizes as our team continues to achieve new heights in intelligent data processing, allowing you to drill down powerfully into business details that you have never even thought of before.

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Quick Facts About MetricsCube


Just 7 minutes - this is the average time our customers need to sign up and complete the integration to view their reports in our dashboard.


MetricsCube neither downloads nor stores any personal data of your clients, and is fully GDPR compliant.


Over 150 beta testers thoroughly examined MetricsCube for many months before its official release.


We currently use MetricsCube to monitor our business performance on 4 different WHMCS instances.


Way before we even thought of sharing MetricsCube with the world, we had been using it for a long time for our individual needs only.


"MetricsCube" sounds really cool but, in reality, it took us a month to find the right name for our tool!

Top Geeks

Konrad Keck

Founder & CEO

A multi-talented software engineer and business visionary with exceptional management skills.

Piotr Dołęga


An outright digital marketing expert and UX evangelist who never settles for mediocrity.

Krystian Guzik - Product Development Leader at MetricsCube

Krystian Guzik

Product Development Leader

A software development guru who does not know the word "impossible".

Damian Bursztyka - Front-End Development Leader at MetricsCube

Damian Bursztyka

Front-End Development Leader

An open-minded UI design enthusiast and a true web development magician.