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Keep track of your business efficiency - anywhere you are, on any device you have at hand. Access real-time reports, compare the results and make a move.

Key Features

Dashboard - MetricsCube

Live Dashboard

Your single pane of glass for daily business analysis.

Powerful Reports - MetricsCube

Powerful Reports

Dozens of complete reports with instant data updates.

Filtering - MetricsCube

Filtering & Comparing

Quick access to insightful details about your business.

Comparing - MetricsCube

Customers & Services Segmentation

Smart audience categorization based on their behavior.

User Tracking - MetricsCube

User Tracking

Easy way to identify the needs and wants of your visitors.

Live Dashboard: Users Online - MetricsCube
Live Dashboard: Activity Feed - MetricsCube
Live Dashboard: Recent Activity - MetricsCube
Powerful Reports: Net Revenue Report - MetricsCube
Powerful Reports: Monthly Comparison - MetricsCube
Filtering & Comparing: Billing Report - MetricsCube
Filtering & Comparing: Date Range - MetricsCube
Filtering & Comparing: Additional Filters - MetricsCube
Filtering & Comparing: Income - MetricsCube
Customers & Services Segmentation - MetricsCube
Customers & Services Segmentation: Account Details Widget - MetricsCube
User Tracking: Client Details Widget - MetricsCube
User Tracking: Client Activity Widget - MetricsCube

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From Problem To Solution

A story of the software created to free us from the hassle we all face. Once and for all.

Bogdan Tirpescu - ChemiCloud CPO
Bogdan Tirpescu
ChemiCloud CPO

MetricsCube has been a game-changer for us. After a swift and seamless integration, we were able to access a centralized dashboard that provided us with a clear and concise view of key performance indicators such as Monthly Recurring Revenue, Customer Lifetime Value, Average Revenue Per User, New Monthly Recurring Revenue, Churn Rate, and many more.

The visual graphics and the ability to drill down into the data made it incredibly easy for us to compare current performance with previous periods. Now, we can swiftly access the data we need, enabling us to make informed decisions based on statistics.

Our experience with MetricsCube has been nothing short of transformative for our business, and we believe that other companies can benefit immensely from it.

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AleForge - Game Server Hosting
Game Server Hosting

MetricsCube has allowed us to programmatically generate operational and status reports at any point in time for every business metric that is important to our company. We have been using this platform to keep a pulse on our business activity. The data in MetricsCube allows us to respond and verify the changes we make have the desired effect on our company’s operations, revenue, and customer retention.

Our team loves the ability to easily deep dive into any aspect of our data when needed if there are anomalies using the segmentation feature. The default reports cover our quarterly and monthly reporting needs for the heartbeat of our company. We also love the combine tool to be able to make a single pane status dashboard of what we consider our important metrics.

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Ryan Gray - NameHero CEO
Ryan Gray
NameHero CEO

WHMCS is a fantastic piece of software and makes my life much easier, I love it. However, reporting is quite limited there and shows too broad a view of the financial health of a company.

MetricsCube has been an overall game-changer for us. Immediately after gaining access and allowing our data to compile, we were able to see many of our key performance indicators (KPIs) such as MRR, customer lifetime value, ARPU, new monthly recurring revenue, churn rate, and many more in one centralized dashboard with visual graphics where we could drill down and easily compare previous periods. Now we’re able to quickly access the data, make our decisions, and move forward without the sleepless nights.

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Brad Morrison - GoWP Founder
Brad Morrison
GoWP Founder

Our company used another popular reporting tool but there wasn’t a native integration with WHMCS which we based our business management on – the third party integration did not work well so we couldn’t rely on the metrics. We needed something that would pull data from WHMCS and there wasn’t an existing solution that could do this well. What is more, we didn’t have a clean way to see key metrics like MRR, LTV, and Churn Rate before.

Now, with MetricsCube, we can see those with little effort. Since we have customers with multiple subscriptions, I like that MetricsCube breaks down retention metrics by revenue, subscription and customers. This setup aligns well with our business and helps to reveal trends that we would have missed without it. It is critical to “know your numbers” and MetricsCube makes it so easy.

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Dennis Nind - Brixly CEO
Dennis Nind
Brixly CEO

WHMCS is a great platform, but its weak side is reporting. Not only does it not provide that much information, but it also takes a lot of digging to get into the data because it’s not presented in any transparent form. We obviously wanted to track certain metrics that show us how and at what pace we are growing.

Another concern was that we needed to do it routinely. To see how our revenue changes both over the long period of time and on a month-to-month basis. And that’s the beauty of MetricsCube – that we can compare the results from different time frames. That gives us a massive amount of visibility into what is going on in our business. Once you know what makes your numbers go up and down, you can focus on how to use that knowledge to your advantage.

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Max Korzhanoff - GARMTECH Founder
Max Korzhanoff

MetricsCube has helped us to better understand what happens inside our business. Monitoring new products was one of the most important things we were looking for since knowing the average revenue per service helps us see how well our new services perform. We found MetricsCube very easy to set up and the navigation through the vast sets of high-quality reports has been effortless from the very beginning as well.

For our marketing team all the reports regarding new customers are of great importance and when combined with smooth filtering proved MetricsCube to be a remarkable discovery for us. We would highly recommend it to all the established companies – the product is great and, in our case, worked out way better than WHMCS built-in solutions.

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Konrad Keck - MetricsCube Founder & CEO
Konrad Keck
MetricsCube Founder & CEO

From the very beginning of our business existence, and then through the years of its development, we were facing the same problem that was affecting our rapid growth - the lack of precise and accessible information on the business performance. It is a real challenge to keep up with all the changes and make the right decisions, especially when you keep introducing new products and services into your offer. The last thing you have time for is fetching data from your billing application and creating statistics.

I had to find a solution and I came up with the idea to create a tool that will serve its purpose not only for us but also for the wider community. The tool that will enable the creation of clear business reports from the most popular web applications - with absolutely no effort. This is how MetricsCube was born.