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Connect with your favorite application in just a few minutes to get instant access to dozens of in-depth reports on the performance of your business.

Business Reports - MetricsCube

Insightful Reports

Keep track of your business efficiency - anywhere you are, on any device you have at hand. Access real-time reports, compare the results and make a move.

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Dashboard - MetricsCube


Your single pane of glass for holistic business analysis.

Powerful Reports - MetricsCube

Powerful Reports

Dozens of customizable reports with instant data updates.

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Explore carefully selected details about your business.

Comparing - MetricsCube


Get the whole picture of your company to optimize it easily.

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Powerful Reports: Net Revenue Report - MetricsCube
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Filtering: Billing Report - MetricsCube
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Comparing: Multiple Dates - MetricsCube

From Problem To Solution

A story of the software created to free us from the hassle we all face. Once and for all.

Kondrad Keck - MetricsCube Founder & CEO
Konrad Keck
INBS.Software Founder

From the very beginning of our business existence, and then through the years of its development, we were facing the same problem that was affecting our rapid growth - the lack of precise and accessible information on the business performance. It is a real challenge to keep up with all the changes and make the right decisions, especially when you keep introducing new products and services into your offer. The last thing you have time for is fetching data from your billing application and creating statistics. I had to find a solution and I came up with the idea to create a tool that will serve its purpose not only for us but also for the wider community. The tool that will enable the creation of clear business reports from the most popular web applications - with absolutely no effort. This is how MetricsCube was born.