MetricsCube will always keep you well-informed. A quick glance is all you need to learn every single important fact about the past, current and expected performance of your business. Nothing will go unnoticed anymore! Our tool will be your personal command center empowering you to make wise, data-driven decisions on the fly.

MetricsCube Dashboard - Billing Reports
MetricsCube Dashboard: Mobile Device - Billing Reports

Powerful Reports

Featured with several dozen flexible reports, MetricsCube will process and analyze crucial information about your business health. Then, it will present you with clear charts and real-time statistics. But what makes our software truly unique is that for each supported application we prepared dedicated sets of reports that guarantee exceptionally deep and accurate analysis.

MetricsCube Powerful Reports - Net Revenue
MetricsCube Powerful Reports - Real-Time Statistics & Summaries
MetricsCube Powerful Reports - Subscription Churn


Having instant access to neatly processed data about the key aspects of your company is one thing, but finding a desired piece of information quickly is a whole other story. Luckily, not with MetricsCube! Smooth filtering is the second nature of our tool. Exploring carefully selected details about your products, customers or billing has never been more intuitive.

MetricsCube Filtering - Billing Report
MetricsCube Filtering - Date Picker
MetricsCube Filtering - Additional Filters
MetricsCube Filtering - Income


MetricsCube will reveal all secrets about the condition of your company to let you make fully informed decisions. You will easily compare data from many sources and time frames to get the whole picture of your business. Our software will show you the strengths of your company, and also the weakest links in your strategy, to help you optimize it and thrive.

Metricscube Comparing: Report With Dates Comparison
MetricsCube Comparing: Date Period

Business Insights

Let MetricsCube be an integral part of your daily routine. The trusted companion that will help you analyze and understand all the ins and outs of your business. MetricsCube goes straight to the target - because companies crave insights, not just information.

Multi-Branding - MetricsCube


Running several businesses? All the better! We have you covered with our support for multiple brands.

Top Security - MetricsCube

Top Security

No personal data on your customers will be stored in our system. Full data encryption with unique keys.

Reports Sharing - MetricsCube

Reports Sharing

Easily add users through your admin panel and pick the reports available to them with access control.

Regular Updates - MetricsCube

Regular Updates

You will get instant access to all new functionalities and reports delivered continuously by our team.