Data – the unquestionable buzzword of today’s business world, the building blocks of the vast majority of enterprises and the fuel that’s driving the ongoing change toward greater efficiency of processes. It is data that lies at the bottom of informed decision-making. Immersing in a business activity with no performance-related statistics resembles making a jump into murky waters when you have no knowledge about what’s hidden underneath. Risky, pointless and completely unnecessary. Why involve in anything that failure-prone when it is so easy to reach for the proper tools that hugely increase your chance of success?

AleForge Case Study - MetricsCube

Along with these reflections comes another real life story that gives us a valuable insight into how the bumpy road of business development can be smoothed by efficient data analysis conducted in a friendly environment of our platform. This time we had the pleasure to engage in an inspiring conversation with the Founder of AleForge – a company operating within the boundaries of two fast-growing realms, as a provider of both game servers and cloud hosting services (the latter niche is linked with their other brand name, MoonQube).

From battling with data collection…

As quickly revealed by our guest, running such an enterprise requires being able to obtain a significant amount of valid and actionable data from the vastness of WHMCS. And this was exactly what prompted the company’s decision makers to rethink the effectiveness of once adopted tools. Outlining the reasons that made him switch for MetricsCube, the AleForge’s Founder said:

“Some of the main issues we had using built-in WHMCS reporting was the inability to look into historical data in addition to being unable to customize the reports to make the charts we need for MRR, customer retention, and support metrics without using an external spreadsheet. As a company, we need to look at multiple aspects of data quarterly to ensure the changes, additions, and improvements are driving the behaviors we want to see.”

Fully agreeing with such thought-provoking and shrewd observations, we couldn’t help but inquire a little further into the issue of relying on a data analysis solution other than MetricsCube. Luckily for us, our curiosity turned out to be a powerful motivator, because our guest was more than willing to share this kind of information.

“One of our staff would manually import data from WHMCS into our Excel workbook and massage the data until we were able to generate our quarterly reports. This process was very labor intensive and required one of our staff to be dedicated to this process every month to ensure the data in WHMCS didn’t disappear.”

…through turning to MetricsCube…

At that point our guest paused for a moment, waiting for an ultimate incentive to touch on the most crucial aspect of our talk. Already on pins and needles to catch a behind-the-scenes glimpse, we finally asked him how exactly MetricsCube helped alter the business reality of AleForge. The reply left us speechless:

MetricsCube has allowed us to programmatically generate operational and status reports at any point in time for every business metric that is important to our company. We have been using this platform to keep a pulse on our business activity. We regularly are tuning and refining various aspects of our business from our support responses and adding a support AI to reduce initial response time. The data in MetricsCube allows us to respond and verify the changes we make have the desired effect on our company’s operations, revenue, and customer retention.

The conclusion our guest came up with left no space for questioning the influence that MetricsCube has had on the overall data-driven performance of his company:

“When we were performing this same reporting manually using Excel we were not able to operate or respond in an agile manner.”

…to getting the most out of boosted data analysis

We couldn’t imagine a better and more uplifting feeling than the one we have experienced while taking in the enthusiastic words of our guest about the impact that adopting our solution has had on his company. And soon it became clear that the stream of praises was far from being exhausted.

Asked about his favorite feature of MetricsCube, the company’s Founder replied eagerly:

“Our team loves the ability to easily deep dive into any aspect of our data when needed if there are anomalies using the segmentation feature. The default reports cover our quarterly and monthly reporting needs for the heartbeat of our company.
We also love the combine tool to be able to make a single pane status dashboard of what we consider our important metrics.”

Seems MetricsCube has managed to meet the company’s needs, and has done it in a truly notable manner. Obviously, we wouldn’t dare to risk making such a bold statement but for our guest’s recommendation that followed immediately:

“MetricsCube is a great tool to be able to generate most business-critical metrics and reports automatically since the capability does not exist or is functionally useless in default WHMCS. We would 100% recommend MetricsCube as it takes a lot of stress off the business team to allow them to be proactive instead of reactive.”

Could we ask for more? Definitely not. One thing to add on our part: we choose “proactive” as well, and thanks to this kind of feedback, we have the wind in our sails as we approach the next phase of growth for MetricsCube!

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