Web hosting – challenging, intricate, intriguing, you name it. Whatever adjective springs to your mind first as an association born out of your own experience, chances are it fits well in the sequence. We have been watching the web hosting industry long – and carefully – enough to be aware of the wide variety of angles and aspects that shape the results of our clients’ endeavors in the field. Knowing the role of efficient data processing in this context, MetricsCube focuses on delivering the right answers to all sorts of data-related questions.

ChemiCloud - Bogdan Tirpescu - MetricsCube Case Study

ChemiCloud posed theirs, and we replied, as accurately as possible, offering an array of our cutting-edge solutions designed to power the machine of data analytics in the WHMCS environment. What you are about to read is the account of this cooperation provided by Bogdan Tirpescu, Chief Product Officer at ChemiCloud.

Getting to know ChemiCloud

ChemiCloud was established in 2016 as a cloud hosting platform aspiring to create a stir in the industry. Since then the company has been going the extra mile in providing their customers with specialized web hosting services that span the diverse landscape of options including Shared, VPS, Reseller, and WordPress hosting. The team’s collective efforts, fueled by the unwavering dedication, passion and expertise, have translated into an impressive record of more than 150,000 hosted websites. And still counting, obviously.

Taking MetricsCube on board

As many other companies operating in the web hosting realm, at some point in their evolution ChemiCloud had to overcome some hurdles, which was exactly why they decided to turn for help. When inquired about what kind of challenges they faced and what put MetricsCube in their sights, Bogdan replied:

“Choosing MetricsCube was a pivotal decision for us, and it emerged from a clear need for more insightful and efficient reporting. We’ve relied on WHMCS for our billing system, which is undoubtedly a powerful platform. Still, it had certain limitations regarding providing a comprehensive view of our company’s financial health.”

Due to the growing needs arising from progressing to more elaborate projects, the company’s decision-makers realized it was essential that they automate the handling of their financial data, making the process less time-consuming and more indicative of the actual condition of the ChemiCloud’s budget. As Bogdan recalled it:

“MetricsCube has been a game-changer for us. After a swift and seamless integration, we were able to access a centralized dashboard that provided us with a clear and concise view of key performance indicators (KPIs) such as Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR), Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), Average Revenue Per User (ARPU), New Monthly Recurring Revenue, Churn Rate, and many more. The visual graphics and the ability to drill down into the data made it incredibly easy for us to compare current performance with previous periods. Now, we can swiftly access the data we need, enabling us to make informed decisions based on statistics.”

With hearts pleasantly warmed, we asked Bogdan if they gave other solutions a try before adopting MetricsCube. He addressed the question by pointing out both the expectations that drove the company’s decisions and the following lack of satisfaction with the choices made.

“We experimented with tools like QuickBooks and Baremetrics in the hope of gaining deeper insights into our data. However, these solutions fell short of meeting all our needs effectively. While these tools had their strengths, they didn’t provide us with the comprehensive and customizable insights we were seeking. As a result, we still found ourselves having to engage in manual data workarounds, which, as you can imagine, was neither efficient nor sustainable as we continued to grow.”

Having elaborated on that, the CPO went on to explain why they eventually decided to rely on our tool:

“The decision to switch to MetricsCube was motivated by our desire to have a single, all-encompassing solution that could seamlessly integrate with WHMCS and offer the depth of data analysis we required. MetricsCube’s ability to provide a wide range of KPIs and customizable reporting features has proven to be invaluable in our efforts to streamline our data analysis and reporting processes.”

Climbing up the steep path of data analysis

With all the knowledge gained so far, we couldn’t help but dig a bit deeper, right to the core of the company’s struggles with data analysis, in order to shed some light on how MetricsCube helped the team come up with the right tactics. Bogdan distinguished several areas in which the platform’s impact on the company’s performance had been particularly visible, and meticulously probed into each and every one of them:

  • Prior to adopting MetricsCube, comprehensive insights into key performance indicators “were either unavailable or required manual calculations.”
  • As MetricsCube offers real-time data, ChemiCloud could move away from manual and time-consuming data exports and calculations that used to be an integral part of their routine. Thanks to this step, the company is now able to “access up-to-the-minute information” and therefore “make agile and informed decisions promptly.”
  • Owing to customizable reports available in MetricsCube, the company can get the exact data, tailor-made to their actual needs and required for various aspects of their web hosting business.
  • As for the visual representation of the crucial-for-growth information, “graphics and dashboards in MetricsCube make it easy to understand complex data at a glance.”
  • Due to increased capabilities in the field of automation offered by MetricsCube, the company’s time and resources can now be channeled into areas of much greater strategic importance than the laborious manual reporting.

After highlighting those particularly valid strengths of MetricsCube, Bogdan concluded:

“In summary, MetricsCube has transformed our data analysis process. It has empowered us with real-time, detailed insights and streamlined reporting, saving time and enabling data-driven decision-making.”

Savoring the MetricsCube’s special

We do have inquisitive minds and the boldness to keep asking about things that may affect the course of our platform’s development. Could we then miss out on the chance to touch upon the issue of what Bogdan and his team like the most about MetricsCube? Of course, we did ask him that, and here’s what we got in return:

“MetricsCube offers many fantastic features, and picking just one favorite is challenging. However, if we had to narrow it down, our favorite feature would undoubtedly be the Combine Reports functionality.”

We didn’t need to nudge him any further, as the follow-up came immediately, praising the feature’s versatility and performance-assessment potential:

“Combine Reports is a powerful tool that empowers us to explore the intricate relationships and dependencies between various aspects of our business. It allows us to merge different reports and gain insights that might be otherwise challenging to obtain. The flexibility to combine reports and apply additional filters while setting specific time frames provides us with a remarkable level of customization and depth in our analysis.”

Having satisfied our appetite for details regarding ChemiCloud’s experience with MetricsCube and determined to leave absolutely no stones unturned, we asked Bogdan whether he would recommend MetricsCube to other companies. Although the message derived from his previous answers was clear enough to encourage optimistic expectations, Bogdan’s honest response turned out to be the ultimate confidence booster:

“Absolutely, without hesitation, we would wholeheartedly recommend MetricsCube to other companies. Our experience with MetricsCube has been nothing short of transformative for our business, and we believe that other companies can benefit immensely from your platform.”

Similarly to ChemiCloud, we are fully aware that goals don’t achieve themselves, and that it is hard work of pursuing them that spins the great wheel of development. Motivated by such positive feedback, we will definitely keep exploring and expanding – all that to ensure that MetricsCube is anchored in the data analytics world for good.

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