As from the latest roll-out, MetricsCube features Live Dashboard that summarizes heaps of real-time insights from different WHMCS datasets into a centralized, visual overview of key performance metrics. By displaying complex data in an easily digestible format of graphs and charts, the panel quickly brings to the surface the underlying trends and shifts in your business, helping you find actionable answers to the most burning questions, and avoid costly incidents.

But Live Dashboard is much more than just an overall summary of how your company operates on an ongoing basis. It provides access to a number of strategic advantages that bring added value to your master plan:

  • Quick analysis and effective decision-making – With Live Dashboard, you are able to dig deeper into the big picture to connect particular patterns alongside different metrics to make sense of what works best for your business, and what no longer does.
  • Productive and well-grounded work environment – Live Dashboard makes your business targets clearly recognizable throughout departments, and thus keeps all involved teams focused and in the know. With easy access to relevant pockets of information, your staff can slice-and-dice data to measure the progress towards the goal, and by doing so, stay motivated.
  • Instant identification of problems – Real-time reporting makes it easier to spot and shield against potential threats, and serves as an effective foundation for long-term adaptation. You can immediately spot any drawbacks, root out inefficiencies, and correct negative trends on the fly.

Let the comforting thought about this varied repertoire of benefits sink in, and join us while we move in-depth into the layers of our Live Dashboard for WHMCS.

Recent Activity

Recent Activity - MetricsCube Live Dashboard for WHMCS

The absolute essence of your business performance organized in the modern-looking form of neat boxes. Each section shows a percentage comparison to the previous period. Go ahead and click on any box to make the Feed widget display only the related information, e.g. the list of transactions.

You can easily change the time period of the presented data using the drop-down menu located right next to the section’s name:

Adjustable Time Frames - MetricsCube Live Dashboard for WHMCS

Users Online

This widget is all about what your clients are doing right here and now in your connected application. By observing your customers’ behavior on a continual basis, you will stay up to speed with their shopping preferences, and guarantee timely support whenever any irregularities, or potential problems with your WHMCS system emerge.

Users Online - MetricsCube Live Dashboard for WHMCS


Feed includes clear-cut information on all events that have just taken place in your connected applications. The most important ones such as receiving a new payment can be additionally indicated by a sound signal depending on your settings.

Feed - MetricsCube Live Dashboard for WHMCS

Feel free to filter the outcome based on the type of event. We particularly recommended using the “Most relevant” option to never miss any crucial occurrence that could eventually bear on the „be or not to be” of your WHMCS business.

Data Filters - MetricsCube Live Dashboard for WHMCS


This widget shows exactly what every business owner is most determined to keep track of – the up-to-the-minute income based on the paid invoices in your system.

Income - MetricsCube Live Dashboard for WHMCS

It allows you to monitor the summarized value for the period selected, together with a quick comparison with the previous results, as well as the last transaction visible on the main screen. The income graph with adjustable time frames will no doubt be a welcome bonus for your day-to-day data analysis.

Quick lists

This particular part of Live Dashboard is a collection of lists conveniently categorized to let you access just the right data on users, services, domains, and subscriptions you look for. Want to know more about the client that registered in your system a few minutes ago? Simply hover over their name to see at-a-glance their contact details, active services and income. Curious to find out when exactly that one subscription was renewed? All that is needed for this quick preview is just a single mouseover as well!

New Paid Subscribers - MetricsCube Live Dashboard for WHMCS

What’s in store?

Live Dashboard for WHMCS is another important milestone of MetricsCube on the road to becoming a uniquely sophisticated monitoring tool that depicts a complete panorama of what is going on with your system. In a few months’ time, we will get down to working on a whole new feature pack intended for automation of various tasks based specifically on your customers’ behavior. Here is a couple of examples just to give you a general idea of the level of innovation we aim to deliver:

  • A custom pop-up with a special promo code that can be displayed to a user who is likely to cancel their service.
  • An automated email including a discounted offer for SSL certificates sent to customers who don’t have one yet.

Such an approach will scale MetricsCube to completely new hights of reporting, and let you tap a whole different kind of automated marketing. Stay tuned for more updates to come!

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