The idea for MetricsCube was born in our minds long time ago. Making right, data-driven decisions when running several businesses with tens of thousands of customers had always been a challenge. Until now!

At the end of 2017 we started to materialize our bold vision. Our goal was to create the system that will automatically integrate with popular web applications to provide their users with instant access to insightful reports about the performance of their business. Initially, we used this tool to learn all ins and outs about our own companies and optimize decision-making processes. Four months ago we shared the first closed beta version of MetricsCube with over a hundred of web hosting business owners. We wanted to be 100% sure that the software we are about to deliver to the IT world will meet even the most demanding needs of entrepreneurs. And we made it!

We are proud to announce that MetricsCube was officially launched on Aug 24th, 2018!

MetricsCube is a SaaS platform that will empower you to gain very deep insight into your business almost effortlessly. Just a few minutes – this is all you need to sign up and integrate with your favorite application to get real-time access to dozens of detailed reports with powerful filtering and comparing mechanisms.

Key Features:

  • Seamless WHMCS integration
  • 40 business reports: Billing, Churn, Services, Domains, Clients, Support, and more
  • Reports Dashboard with dynamic statistics
  • Intuitive comparison of report details

To see more, feel free to visit our brand new website!

Likely, you value practice over theory so how about trying out MetricsCube now for FREE? Within less than 10 minutes our system will reveal the secrets of your WHMCS business right in front of your eyes!

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Taking this opportunity we would like to thank everyone who has taken part in MetricsCube Survey available on the previous version of our website. Your answers played a pivotal role in the development process of MetricsCube and enabled us to tailor the system and its pricing model to your expectations. Now you can use your special promo code received upon completing the survey. To do so, simply sign up on our website, run the integration process with MetricsCube Wizard, then log in to our panel and enter the code at your billing section. Voila, you have just received an extra month for free!

The release of MetricsCube is a huge milestone that, we believe, will change the whole web hosting and eCommerce industries for the better. However, we are definitely not going to rest on our laurels. We have many ideas and there are plenty of great features that we will add to our platform shortly – this is for sure!

Coming soon:

  • More reports: Growth and Support Team Performance
  • Multibrand feature
  • Sharing accounts and reports functionality
  • Exporting reports to CSV and PDF
  • cPanel integration

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