Dealing with a software system, especially one as sophisticated as MetricsCube, can be a bit like a rollercoaster. You will experience the thrill of quick updates released one right after another, and then there are episodes of growing anticipation before the platform returns in a new version. But that’s completely par for the course. Not only that, it’s actually during those quiet moments that MetricsCube undergoes particularly dynamic development, including a series of complex improvements that require relatively more time and precision. What we mean by that is – MetricsCube NEVER stops evolving. The latest update is live – and living proof of that.

Behind the public eye, our team has been hard at work, pouring dedication and expertise into the intricacies of our platform. Instead of piling on new features, this time around, we have focused on optimizing and enhancing every nook and cranny of MetricsCube. Just like a chef perfecting a recipe – it takes a bit longer, but the end result is worth the wait.

Your patience has paid off:

  • Two-way integration handled by MetricsCube Connector For WHMCS has been refined and made more robust to support you even better with additional, in-depth insights, worked directly into your WHMCS admin area.
MetricsCube Connector For WHMCS - Dashboard Widget

MetricsCube Connector For WHMCS - Customer Tooltip - Services List

MetricsCube Connector For WHMCS - Client Profile Widget - User Recent Activity

MetricsCube Connector For WHMCS - Domain Widget

  • Next time you reach out, you are guaranteed to experience a considerable improvement in the quality of our support services. More support staff means faster response times and quicker issue resolutions by our development team.
  • Tutorials, video and Blog links are now integrated into the platform, making it easier for you to figure out MetricsCube’s functionality as you go along, and know how to put its features to best use.

Video Tutorial & Blog Links - MetricsCube

  • An all-new documentation has been launched, becoming the single most comprehensive knowledge base for all things MetricsCube. Navigating through every report and every tool is now as smooth and stress-free as a well-guided tour.
  • We have addressed over 200 issues, covering everything from performance and stability to report data reliability, UI, and UX. A huge shoutout to our customers for helping us confront the trickiest of our operational challenges.

To take advantage of this brand-new MetricsCube release, you need to update MetricsCube Connector in your WHMCS to the latest 3.1.0 version. No worries!
All the how-to details have been packed in this quick video tutorial.

See, there’s even more happening in the MetricsCube world than usual! Our team is buzzing with ideas to broaden the horizons of the platform, and we’d love to discuss all of them with you face-to-face at this year’s CloudFest. If you’re attending, come spot us among the exhibition partners – we can’t wait to walk you through the ins and outs of our WHMCS reporting arsenal.

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Paul Nesbitt February 21, 2024

Excellent, really like the new enhancements within WHMCS.

It gives you a great insight from within WHMCS and if you need the full information you can get across to the main metricscube site easily.

Really well done!