As business decision-making processes grow less obvious and more tricky over time, only few business owners prove to be prepared, while many still seem to have too little understanding of finances to keep their heads above water. In fact, the lack of financial literacy may be precisely what locks them in a struggle to forge ahead in an unrecognizable, post-pandemic landscape. There is a way out, though, as MetricsCube is making a long-awaited comeback with a premium set of 7 Financial Reports designed to shed light on crucial financial aspects in a format that is immediately understood.

A sophisticated look into your wallet

This all-new reporting section’s goal is to help you navigate through the essential changes in your finances with clear intent so as to manage your money, and thus entire business, better. Each segment of Financial Reports turns an abundance of details into a transparent table that can quickly educate you on your financial standing by drilling down into specific pockets of information on invoices, transactions, orders, etc. Focusing on learning more through even some of these data sets is going to help you achieve economic and financial stability sooner than you think.

Accounts Receivable Aging Report - Financial Reports - MetricsCube

The manner in which Financial Reports has been structured serves to find answers to the following questions:

  • Accounts Receivable Aging ReportHow much do your customers still have to pay you? How long have they been falling behind on their payments?
  • Credits ReportHow much money does each of your customers own in the form of credits?
  • Billed Revenue ReportWhat is the level of charges applied to each billable item in your system?
  • Earned Revenue ReportHow much revenue have you managed to generate for each of your billable items in the system?
  • Deferred Revenue ReportWhat sort of revenue numbers can you expect per month from billed but not yet provided services?
  • All Transactions ReportWhat transactions have been completed by your customers?
  • Unpaid Orders ReportWhich orders have not been paid yet?

And to help you fall into a good habit of reviewing your finances on a regular basis, yet without much effort, we have equipped MetricsCube with the automatic export feature. In addition to choosing the preferred format as well as recipients of the files, you will get to define how often the report should be emailed and how far into the past it should shift back.

Automatic Export - Financial Reports - MetricsCube

Countless subtle touches of progress

Apart from the show-stopping debut of Financial Reports, you can, as usual, look forward to the myriad of slightly smaller, but still pleasantly noticeable changes in the operation of MetricsCube reports. Some of these include:

  • “Customers By Income” report has been rewritten to make the data compatible with “Transaction List” under the “Billing” section of the WHMCS system, thanks to which you can now choose the exact period of time from which the client’s income is to be shown.
  • Each of the reports classified under the “Support” category has received a series of improvements.
  • “Monthly Recurring Revenue” report now has enhanced calculation of data specifically for cases when the billing cycle changes during a service subscription.
  • Updated Access Control List (ACL) to provide subusers with a smoother experience.

Reduced expenses through more efficient handling of financial resources AND reduced financial stress and anxiety – these are but a couple of the long-term benefits you can expect to gain by inviting MetricsCube to join you in the regular exploration of your business development. Can you think of a better New Year’s resolution for 2023?

Kick Off Your Free Trial!

Much like with MRR Breakdown, you will gain exclusive access to the premium section of Financial Reports if you have applied for “Business” or any higher pricing model.

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