# What type of software MetricsCube exactly is?

    MetricsCube is a SaaS application, which means that you do not have to go through the whole procedure of setting up your own server as well as installation and update processes. Our tool is extremely convenient and intuitive in use but highly functional at the same time. All you have to do to use it is install our Connector that will send data from your application to MetricsCube.

    # Why is MetricsCube a SaaS application, not a module?

    The reason is simple. The essence of MetricsCube is well-designed data presentation, easy access and fast onboarding process - something that would be rather problematic to achieve with a module, especially considering the fact that in the future we plan to support multiple applications. The whole procedure of maintaining the modules and installing/updating them would make them really difficult in use. Based on our long years of experience at ModulesGarden, we can assure you with full confidence that in the long run a standalone application will be far more beneficial to both sides.

    # Can I install MetricsCube in my own infrastructure?

    For the time being we unfortunately cannot ensure such an option, but we will definitely take that into consideration.

    # How exactly does my application send data to MetricsCube? Is it safe?

    Once you have installed our Connector on your web application, it will start sending data to MetricsCube through the encrypted API. This process of communication works one-way only which means that MetricsCube will never download your application data directly.

    # What about the privacy of our clients? Is MetricsCube GDPR compliant?

    Currently, MetricsCube does not download any personal information about your clients, which gives you the full certainty that no GDPR regulations are violated in any way.

    In the future MetricsCube versions we intend to implement detailed customer reports, but no worries – you will have the ultimate power to decide whether you wish this confidential data to be sent or not.

    # How long does it take to access the reports once I register?

    Depending on the amount of data stored in your application, the initial synchronization process may take between 1-60 minutes. Once the synchronization has been completed successfully, you will be immediately notified about it via email.

    # Why does the charge vary according to the number of active clients?

    The reason for this stems from a simple fact that the larger the amount of data, the more resources of our servers are involved in the process, compelling us to charge clients for the actual data usage. Our goal was to identify a single factor that would help us calculate the price for our clients in the most reliable and precise way, with no strings attached. Although there is no infallible indicator of the total amount of data stored in the system, the public survey we conducted reinforced our belief that the number of active clients is as close as it gets. Please note that if you wish to exclude certain clients from the reports, there is a quick and easy option to do that, by providing client ID ranges. Upon doing so, the total usage of your plan should significantly drop, which may help you optimize the costs.

    # What applications are supported by MetricsCube?

    For the time being MetricsCube offers complete integration with WHMCS only. But rest assured that we are already working on the integration with cPanel and Plesk. As a result, MetricsCube will provide you with the possibility to generate reports related to monitoring of usage on multiple control panel servers. Given the fact that we have been setting new standards in the industry since 2011, we really know the needs of modern web hosting business. Among many other red-hot features, such integration with control panels will empower you to preview an average storage usage of accounts on your servers per plan. Owing to this, you will be able to pinpoint how exactly you can tailor your web hosting plans to make them truly cost-effective and meet even the most sophisticated needs of your customers. Stay tuned for more info on the subject!

    # Does MetricsCube support my multiple applications?

    We are more than happy to confirm that yes, our system will let you connect your multiple applications within one account. As a result, you will be able to gain deep insights into all of your brands in a single pane of glass easily and conveniently.

    # What should I do if I am experiencing connection issues with the service?

    If you are experiencing connection issues, try adding our server IP addresses to your whitelist:


    This can help resolve potential connectivity problems. If issues persist, contact our support (opens new window) team for further assistance.