# Excluded Clients

Configuring Excluded Clients list allows you to define IDs of clients that should not be included in the reports. This way you can:

  • Remove test clients from the calculations
  • Remove old/inactive clients to reduce the price of MetricsCube subscription

In order to set up Excluded Clients list, please log in to your panel and go to Settings → My Applications. Click the configuration button for the application you would like to exclude the clients for.

Here you will find the Excluded Clients field. The list should contain ID-based values:

  • You can add a range of values e.g. 1-10
  • You can use a comma to separate values e.g. 1,2,3-10

Once you submit the changes, the configuration will take effect after the next synchronization process, so you may wait up to 24 hours before it works.