# Domains

The Domains-related reports section comprises a collection of statistics offering insights into revenue generated from domains, registered/transferred domains, and more.

# Domains Revenue

Income risen from domains, calculated based on the paid invoices in the system.

# Average Revenue Per Domain

An average amount of revenue that you may expect from a single domain. Calculated based on the formula Monthly Recurring Revenue for domains / number of domains.

# Registered Domains

Statistics on all the newly registered domains in your system.

# Transferred Domains

Statistics on all the newly transferred domains in your system.

# Active Domains

Statistics on all the active domains in your system within a selected time frame.

# Active Domains Per Country

A number of active domains per country. Please note that this report takes data from the last date from the datepicker.

# Domains Lifetime

Statistics on the domain’s lifetime. An average number of days that a domain remains active.

# New Domains Income Ratio

Percentage of income risen from new domains in the last 30 days compared to the total domains income in the last 30 days.

# Domains With Service Ratio

Percentage of active domains that have a related service active. The relation is based on the domain name.

# Domains Lifetime Value

An average estimated value of a domain through its whole life span (based on paid domains only). Used formula: Average Revenue Per Domain / Domain Churn Rate.