# Admin Roles Permissions

MetricsCube Connector can enhance the usability of your WHMCS admin dashboard by offering essential insights and instantly providing critical information about your business's performance, clients, and services from your MetricsCube. Define the settings for every administrator role individually to perfectly customize the displayed widgets and adjust the content to the admin role and needs.

Click on the Permissions to open the list of sections available. Note that the same options are present for every administrator role.

The options include:

  • Client Profile Popup
    • Personal Information
    • Income
    • Services
    • Tickets History
    • User Activity
  • Tags
    • Create New Tags
    • Manage Client Tags
  • Comments
    • Add Comments
    • Remove Comments

You can also configure these Enhanced WHMCS Experience functions for each administrator role separately:

  • Client Profile Page Widget
  • Service Details Page Widget
  • Domain Details Page Widget
  • MetricsCube Link in Main Menu

Press the On/Off switch on the right to check/uncheck all options at once. Remember to save changes when the configuration is ready.