# Financial Reports

Access a selection of premium reports focusing on the financial sector of your business. By reviewing and consistently monitoring these statistics, you can ensure excellent financial well-being, attain your budget objectives, and achieve optimal growth outcomes.

# Accounts Receivable Aging

Displaying the amounts on unpaid invoices for the selected point in time. It provides an overview of invoices that are either not paid at all or paid after the due date.

# Credits

A clear report presenting the current aggregate of credits for each individual client.

# Billed Revenue

Total amount paid one time included in the report for the month of payment only.
February '23: 1000
The payment for the item is not included in further months calculations.

# Earned Revenue

Total paid amount is divided over 12 months equally. The received amount is the monthly earned revenue and is included in the report for every month of the service duration described on the invoice.
February: 1000/12 = 83.33
March: 1000/12 = 83.33

# Deferred Revenue

The report shows the amounts that are deferred per month. The value is calculated for every month of the service duration separately, based on the previous month calculation result.
February: 1000 - (1000/12) = 916.666666
March: 916.66 - 83.33 = 833.333333

# All Transactions

This report comprises a detailed record of all transactions recorded within the specified date ranges in the system.

# Unpaid Orders

This report displays all placed orders, which can be filtered, for example, by their status.

Important notes!

  1. Items that are of different types or have no dates in description are included only once in the report for the month of creating the invoice.
  2. In case no data is displayed in the reports, please update your WHMCS Connector to the latest version available.

# Recognizing revenue in Financial Reports

This refers to Billed, Earned and Deferred Revenue reports

Conditions that must be met by an invoice to be included in a revenue report:

  • Invoice status: PAID
  • Invoice item type: hosting or addon
  • Invoice item description: Dates "From/To"
    *Keep in mind that all above conditions must be met!

Exemplary situation to illustrate calculations for each of the revenue reports type.

  • Invoice item: Hosting "XYZ" (From: 14 Feb 2023 To: 13 Feb 2024)
  • Paid amount: 1000$
  • Date of payment: 14th February 2023
  • Service duration: 12 months

See the table below for visual comparison of Earned Revenue, Deferred Revenue and Billed Revenue reports calculation formulas based on the above conditions: