# Services

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# Services Revenue

The overall revenue for any services is computed based on the paid invoices within the system. This report mirrors the APRU (Average Revenue Per User) report but is specifically focused on services.

# Average Revenue Per Service

How much average revenue may you expect from a service. The calculation is based on the formula Monthly Recurring Revenue for services / number of services.

# New Services

Statistics based on the newly created services for your products.

# Active Services

A total number of active services (with "Active" and "Suspended" status) within a certain time frame.

# Active Services Per Country

A number of active services per country. Please note that this report takes data from the last date from the datepicker.

# Services Lifetime

The average duration that any recurring service stays active is calculated in this report. Similar to the LTV (Customer Lifetime Value) report, this one specifically pertains to the lifetime of services.

# New Services Income Ratio

Percentage of income risen from new services in the last 30 days compared to the total services income in the last 30 days.

# Billing Cycles

A number of active services in a specific billing cycle. Please note that this report takes data from the last date from the datepicker.

# Services With Domain Ratio

Percentage of active services that have a related domain active. The relation is based on the domain name.

# Services Lifetime Value

An average estimated value of a service through its whole life span (based on paid services only). Used formula: Average Revenue Per Service / Services Churn Rate.