# Quick Installation Method

The fastest way to establish the connection between your WHMCS and MetricsCube is to use the Quick Installation Method. A basic PHP script will perform most of the work for you. The entire process is completely trouble-free because the end-to-end installation and configuration will be handled automatically.

In some cases you will not be able to use the "Quick Installation Method," because not every server enables PHP script to handle the structure of the files. If for this, or other reasons you cannot complete the installation, please return to Step 2 of the Wizard and select the "Standard Installation Method" instead.

We have prepared an easy to follow installation video that you can watch below.
If you prefer a text version instead, you can find it below the video.

# Step-by-step instructions

First, download the MetricsCube Connector Installer by clicking the orange Download button below your Application ID:

Next, you need to open the FTP Client and access the server on which your WHMCS is installed. After you log in, open the main WHMCS catalog and upload the metricscube.php file. The content of the uploaded files should look like on the screen below.

Once the file is correctly uploaded, open your browser and type in your URL to WHMCS client area, but end it with: metricscube.php. The URL should look like this:


The URL will move you to the MetricsCube Connector Installer page, and the installation will begin automatically. If no problems occur, you will see a confirmation message after merely a few seconds.

The MetricsCube Connector module is now successfully installed, and the only step you need to take is to click the Go To The Module"** button and log in to your WHMCS.

After you access the WHMCS admin area, click MetricSube Connector located in the Addons section. Once there, simply click on the Synchronize button to link your account.

If everything goes well, you will see the page containing the essential details on the connection, including its current status and the time of the last synchronization. This is also where you can download the logs or link a different account. What is more, the page provides information on the applied synchronization method.

As soon as MetricsCube receives information about the initiated mechanism of synchronization, you will be automatically moved to the last step of the Wizard.