# MRR Breakdown

Monthly Recurring Revenue is a crucial metric for subscription businesses. Explore the detailed insights provided by MetricsCube's premium reporting section, particularly the MRR Breakdown. It helps you understand your current situation, spot growth trends, and more!

MRR is calculated based on the following formula:

MRR = Sum of all monthly fees your customers pay

# MRR Breakdown for WHMCS

The Monthly Recurring Revenue report offers a comprehensive snapshot of the performance of your recurring services. As detailed in the blog articles, a glance at the total MRR value alone can indicate whether things are progressing positively, enabling you to strategize effectively for your business.

# Video tutorial

Watch the below video tutorial, and you will learn how to effortlessly predict your company's future revenue using the MRR Breakdown section.

# MRR Growth & MRR Total

Both MRR report versions collectively offer a comprehensive perspective on your recurring services. MRR Growth reveals monthly changes in MRR, while MRR Total provides the total MRR value for the corresponding period, encompassing regularly renewed services with amortized MRR.

General MRR Statistics:

  • MRR By Type
  • MRR By Product Group
  • MRR By Product
  • MRR By Country