# Standard Installation Method

If you do not want to or cannot use the "Quick Installation Method," you will have to choose the Standard Installation Method. It may not be the fastest available method of connecting your WHMCS with MetricsCube, but nonetheless it is still quite easy to implement on every server.

We have prepared an installation video that you can watch below.
If you prefer a text version instead, you can find it below the video.

# Step-by-step instructions

To start with, please download MetricsCube Connector by clicking on the orange Download Module button.

Next, you need to open the FTP Client and access the server on which your WHMCS is installed. After you log in, open the main WHMCS catalog and upload the modules folder. The content of the uploaded files should look like on the screen below.

In the next step, please log in to your WHMCS admin area. Once there, find the settings button on the right end of WHMCS menu and select System Settings. Find Addon Modules under "Apps & Integrations".

Locate MetricsCube Connector on the list of addons and click the Activate button.

After the module has been activated, you will need to enable access to your Admin Role. To do that, click on Configure, simply tick the admin roles that should have access to the module, and save changes.

Your module has been successfully installed and activated.

Now, go to the Addons menu and click on MetricsCube Connector. The very last thing you need to do is click the Synchronize button.

As soon as MetricsCube detects that the synchronization has initiated, you will be automatically transferred to the final stage of MetricsCube Wizard.