# Branding

In Branding you may change how your MetricsCube looks. You can adapt its features to fit right in with your brand.

  • System name
    • Change what is being displayed on the web browser's tab. Leave empty to set the default name.
  • Current logo
    • Upload a logo that will be shown on the side menu in place of the default MetricsCube logo. Your logo has to meet these requirements:
      • Minimal graphic size: 56px;
      • File type: png, jpg or svg;
      • Maximum file size: 512 KB.
  • Color scheme
    • Pick one of the recommended colors or set a custom by clicking on the brush icon. You can enter a hexadecimal color code of your preferred color, or pick it by hand.

Adjustments made here will affect almost every page. Make sure to Save Changes when you are satisfied with your setup.