# Synchronization Settings

By default, once the synchronization of your WHMCS is completed, the personal data of your clients is not processed to MetricsCube. Therefore, some features offered by MetricsCube can be unavailable.

If you would like to benefit fully from the possibilities provided by MetricsCube, you can grant access to personal data. To do so, simply click on the Configure button in the Data Synchronization tab of the module.

Once a new popup window opens, you will notice a possibility to tick additional configuration options.
There are:

  • General Data
    • Stands for general data sharing required by MetricsCube to provide core services such a reporting, therefore this option is switched on by default.
  • Live Data Synchronization
    • Only if selected, data on recent activities in your system, such as users online, income or news feed, will be gathered and displayed in the Live Dashboard section.
      Note: Keep in mind that both slow connection with API and actions overload may noticeably slow down the application.
  • Detailed User Data
    • Allows you to transfer to MetricsCube additional data about your clients such as first name, last name, company name, email address, web hosting and domains assigned to them. Here you can check an exemplary report along with the personal data of clients. If this option is disabled, the client’s WHMCS will encrypt sensitive personal information and convey it in coded form. You can also find the previous example of the report without the consent to process the data. If this option is enabled, the generated reports will be more detailed and straightforward.
      Note: Please keep in mind that all data sent to MetricsCube is safely encrypted using the strong algorithm SHA-256.
  • User Tracking
    • Permits you to monitor the activity of your clients on the basis of logs generated through WHMCS. For instance, you can check when and which websites were browsed by your customers or verify if your clients have already read the answer for a ticket.
      Note: Please remember that this functionality is currently during the development and is not available yet. If you tick this option right now, you may be sure that once this functionality is completed, you will be granted access to it instantly.

Important: Please, be aware that the data update in MetricsCube, once you opt in or opt out for additional data synchronization, may take up to 24h.