# Connecting With Already Installed Connector

If you have installed the MetricsCube Connector For WHMCS beforehand, you only need to connect it. There is no need for Quick or Standard Installation Methods.

We have prepared an installation video that you can watch below.
If you prefer a text version instead, you can find it below the video.

# Step-by-step instructions

Once the installation of the MetricsCube Connector module on your WHMCS is complete, the only step left is to copy your activation code as shown on the screenshot below.

Next, paste the copied activation code into the Application ID field located in the module and click on the Synchronize button.

As soon as the connection is established successfully, you will see the relevant information, such as the current connection status and the time of the last synchronization. The buttons allowing you to download the logs or link a different account can be also found on this page. Furthermore, you are offered a brief explanation on the subject of the currently chosen synchronization method.

Once MetricsCube collects all information regarding the initiated synchronization, you will be automatically moved to the final stage of the Wizard.